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About Us

About Discover Erin: Strengthening Local Economy & Community Spirit

Discover Erin is a community initiative by Tom Pischel from Dwellcome Inc., dedicated to showcasing local businesses and encouraging Agri-Tourism within Town of Erin, Village of Erin, Hillsburgh, and the nearby hamlets and rural sectors. Amidst the upcoming infrastructure project, we aim to foster a lively 'shop local' culture and support our regional economy.

You've got questions, and we've got answers.

If you don't see your question answered here, reach out to us at
What is the purpose of Discover Erin?

Discover Erin has a 'Made by locals, for locals' initiative, it was built for showcasing local businesses within the Town of Erin primarily during the upcoming 2 years scheduled construction but we believe there is longevity to this initiative. We want to drive customers, visitors, and tourists to your business.

Who's it for?

We would say "everyone", in that not only is this a platform to promote local businesses. But the information is beneficial for new residents who just moved to Erin, visitors, but locals looking to discover all the amazing hidden gems within our community.

How does it help businesses?

Some businesses already have a digital presence with a website and social media. Where others may not, we feel that this platform will help businesses be discovered both physically and digitally depending on the type of business.

How does it help visitors?

Currently the best way to navigate the Town of Erin is using Google Maps, but you kind of need to do it one listing at a time. We feel we can provide visitors a better and quality experience.

Can I update the information for my own business?

As of right now, no. You will have to contact us at to provide us with your business listing information, updates or removal of your listing if you want to opt out. But we are already working on a custom form that will allow you to do so soon.

I filled out the form but don't see my business?

As we appreciate every business that fills out the form to be on the directory. At the present time we are only limiting business profiles to businesses within the borders of the Town of Erin and all the communities within it. We check every business that applies, and if we feel that you are not within those borders your business will not be added.

I have a business in Erin but only have a P.O Box? Or I have a home business but don't want to post my home address?

In both of these circumstances, we can accommodate you by providing you with a free listing but you will not have a "Directions" button on your listing. And might not be visible on the actual map.
We are working on way to better this in the future.

Can I make suggestions for other businesses or features?

100% yes! The benefit of this initiative is to work as a community to create features, and additions to this website to benefit both businesses and the users using it.